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DYNAMO - DYNAmic MOdeling of stem cell organization

The scientific activites within this project group are focusing on the development of theoretical concepts and mathematical models of regulatory processes of tissue stem cells.

Due to their high regenerative potential, adult stem cells of various tissues (e.g. blood, muscle, epithelia) are gaining more and more importance with respect to their use in new therapeutical methods. Although the general behavior and the developmental potential of these cells has been described in a huge number of experimental and clinical settings, the underlying mechanisms and the regulatory principles are still widely unknown. Because of the assumable complexity of the intra- as well as the inter-cellular interactions controling stem cell organization, the development and the application of predictive theories has a paricular importance.

Within the project group, different models of stem cell organization, which are able to consitently explain the behavior of tissue stem cells in different situations, are developed and analyzed. Herein, different mathematical approaches (e.g. stochastic processes, differential equations) are applied. Using computer simulations, the model concepts are validated by comparing them to experimental and clinical data. The ulitmative aim is the application of these models to predict the system behavior under a multitude of different conditions.

On this basis, the theoretical analyses contribute directly to the discrimination of existing and the generation of new biological hypothesis. Furthermore, the modeling works assist the design and the optimization of experimental and clinical strategies.

Further information are available on the web site of the project group.

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