Projects in the group hospital information systems

Here you can find the projects the group is currently working on.

Three-Layer-Meta-Model (3LGM²) as an instrument for strategic planning and monitoring of hospital information systems
Three-Layer-Meta-Model (3LGM²) to specifate information systems on healthcare will be extended to an instrument of the strategic planning and monitoring in the framework of the information management.
Clinical workstation systems: evaluation of mobile tools for the UKL
For the supplementation of the clinical workstation systems at the UKL mobile tools will be verified. By the cancellation of the media discontinuity between paper supported and electronical patient record the paperless ward round will be supported in the context of a pilot scheme.
Operation documentation: process analysis and performance documentation at the UKL
At the hosptitals and the outpatient departments of the "Operatives Zentrum des UKL" will be performed a process analysis of the patients reception.
Recording of the framework for the advanced development of the information system of the UKL Leipzig AöR
The framework for the advanced development of the information system of the UKL expires at the end of the year 2004. The recording is necessary for the strategical planning.
Development of a training center at the UKL
A training center for the UKL will be planned and initiated. The training center will be the organisational context for the training of the employees at the UKL. The first training courses will be computer courses, especially the computer driver license for employees.
Telemedicine: IT support for the integrated medical care
As a prerequisite for an adequate trans-sectoral care, all relevant treatment facts must be promptly available to the different care providers. Apart from technical specifics originating from the heterogeneous infrastructure in health care, there are special requirements for electronic communication of patient data that must be taken into consideration for the construction of an adequate communication infrastructure. Therefore the care providers' requirements for a communication solution must be in line with legal requirements and technical potentials.
Allocation of medical knowledge for clinial workstations at UKL
Beside patient records physicians and nurses should have access to medical and documentary knowledge on their workstations. The medical health care process of the patient can be supported, improved and controlled by a versatile offer of medical knowledge. By the growing rate of information technological equipment at the clinical workstations knowledge shall be available electronically in future.
It shall be established a constant emerging HIS monitor for monitoring the current state of the information system of the UKL which includes the relevant management ratios.