Competence Network Sepsis

The Sepsis Competence Network aims to establish a cooperative study group to investigate sepsis and to conduct large clinical trials. The IMISE and KKSL are responsible for study coordination, biometry and the implementation of telematic infrastructures to allow central documentation of clinical data.

Sepsis is the consequence of a generalized inflammatory process in response to infection and is the major cause of death in non-coronary intensive care units. Despite considerable clinical and basic research to investigate its pathophysiology and to develop new therapeutic strategies, the mortality of sepsis remained constantly high in the last decades. Due to the high costs for therapy, sepsis adds considerable economic burden to the health care system.

The medical competence network “SepNet”, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (bmbf), aims to create a platform for improved clinical and experimental research in the field of sepsis in Germany and thus for the development of more efficient therapeutic approaches.

SepNet unites experts from different disciplines who are active in the field of clinical and experimental sepsis research. Clinical trials can be conducted at the fourteen SepNet regional centres which are located nationwide and provide interdisciplinary, medical or surgical intensive care units. A central network office, headed by the chairman of the network Prof. Dr. Konrad Reinhart, is responsible for the coordination of all network activities. A central sample bank allows storage of blood samples for scientific analyses.

The IMISE and KKSL provide all necessary expertise for the planning, coordination and biometric analysis of clinical and epidemiological trials within SepNet. Moreover, the entire telematic infrastructure for entry and processing of clinical data is developed and implemented by the IMISE and KKSL. In particular, decentralized data entry ("remote data entry") and centralized data management is provided using specialized software for clinical trials.

Leader of the project group

Phone: +49 341 97 16124
Fax: +49 341 97 16109
Postal address: Dr. Christoph Engel
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Statistik und Epidemiologie
Härtelstraße 16-18


  • VISEP trial
  • Prevalence study