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Medical Informatics

Medical informatics is concerned with data processing and knowledge representation in medicine. The two lines of investigation research pursued at the IMISE are presented below.

An important part of medical informatics is concerned with the systematic processing of medical and healthcare information. It examines the principles of data processing and describes, analyzes, designs and/or operates information-processing systems.

The IMISE sees it as its mission to support healthy individuals and patients as well as all those persons participating in medical research aiming to prevent, treat and better manage disease. This also requires professional support of the medical staff at their site of work.

The IMISE in this area of medical informatics is particularly concerned with the management of computer systems appropriate for healthcare services and with the support of interdisciplinary and para-regional co-operation of medical research professionals via telematic networks.

Management of Information Systems in the Healthcare(MIG)

In this project group the IMISE is concerned with the planning, management and monitoring of the complex information systems within healthcare (e.g. hospital information systems or regional health care information systems). Research subjects cover: the development of concepts for the description of the information systems, their management and the development of tools and reference models for the management of these systems.

Medical knowledge representation and ontologies

The objective of this research group is to provide user friendly supportive tools for the organisation and presentation of medical knowledge. This is based on semantic principals rooted in domain and basis ontologies. The group develops software tools for ontologically based data dictionaries and for consultation systems supporting physicians during the diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making process.