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Modelling a transinstitutional Psychiatric Hospital Information System for the Ghanaian Psychiatric Hospitals: A Management Tool for Ghana Mental Health Authority

The project aims to produce integrated Psychiatric Health Information System (PHIS) model for the Ghanaian Mental Health Authority (MHA) and three Ghanaian Mental Hospitals using the Three Layer Graph-Based Meta-Model (3LGM²) tool. This tool has been used for modelling health information systems and as well be used to describe, evaluate and plan health information systems.

The modelled integrated PHIS will be used to provide recommendations for the MHA to adopt and use information systems and technologies in the management and supervision of the psychiatric hospitals to improve the quality of service provision, planning and policy formulation. Enhancing the role of MHA would bring cooperation in order to provide high quality and efficient care through specializing on their principal competencies rather than competing among themselves in the sector.


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