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Management of health information systems

Aim of the project group "Management of health information systems" is to contribute to a better health care by developing new methods and tools to support the information management.

To provide correct data (e.g. diagnostic findings, radiographs of a previous physical examination at a practicing radiologist or data about ordered medicaments) about patients as well as the up-to-date medical knowledge at the right time (e.g. ward round), at the right place (e.g. ward) and for the right person (e.g. attending physician), is an important precondition for successfull patient's supply. Independently of it, whether paper and messengers or modern information technology for the processing, transmission and storage of these information and this knowledge are used, are the costs for it enormous. Already in 1960 it has been appreciated that 25% of the expenditures of a hospital are used for information processing. Today the operation of a conventional patient's records archive at a large hospital costs 500.000 EURO per year on it's own.

Therefore the question is asked, how the immense funds for information processing in health care can be used to provide an effective benefit for the patients' health.

The key to an optimal use of information technology in health care is the systematic management of it's information systems, i.e. systematic information management. Presently there is a lack of systematic information management in health care both in medical practices, in small and medium hospitals and at the regional integration of health care.

In research we deal with

  • the developement of an integrated system of concepts to describe information systems and their management
  • the development of tools for information system management
  • the development of reference models for architecture of information systems on health care and
  • the development of ethic guidelines for medical informatics.

Get more information at the research objectives and projects pages.

Our focuses in teaching are

  • hospital information systems and their tactical and stratetical management as well as
  • medical documentation

For the clinical center of the university Leipzig AöR, for the medical faculty and Saxony we offer services like specific advice and support of the information management

Head of the project group

Phone: +49 341 97 16107
Fax: +49 341 97 16109
Postal address: Prof. Dr. Alfred Winter
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Statistik und Epidemiologie
Härtelstraße 16-18